Review Policy

5/5 Stars=Amazing Book. A Must READ Right Now! A Must Buy.

4.5/5=An Amazing Book, could still get better. A must read, Though Can Wait A Bit, Buy it.

4/5=A Great book had flaws, still great. Read When You Have A Chance, don't buy until after read.

3/5=A Good book, with flaws that turned me away, still a good read. Read when you have a chance, buy if wanted.

2/5=A Book with visible flaws, and didn't ensnare me. Read if you Want to, not a buy.

1/5=A Book I Will Say I have read, but Won't say much about. Didn't trap me at all, and I near hated it. I won't have many of these, because If I find a book this...bad. I won't share all the gruesome details. A Library Rent, not high on a TBR list.

No matter how much I dislike a book, I will find good aspects and point them out before I point out the bad. None of what I say is everyone Else's opinion, but my own. If a book, in my opinion, is so bad  and I cannot find any good points will will not review it except for maybe a few thoughts. I will not trash a book, and would prefer if comments did not thrash my opinion or the book in question.

Now Good Reading To You All.