Monday, July 26, 2010

Excellent News/My MIA News

Okay, this does have to do with my books and my blog. *Glares at who accused her it hasn't the slightest bit to do with her blog-coughreallifefriendscough-* Well, anywho, I was given my birthday present, for my upcoming birthday, a bit ahead of schedule...and boy am I excited! You see, I got a Kobo E-Reader mine's not white though, it's black *insert girly squeal*!!!! With this I'm getting the 100 free books it comes with, but my parents are letting me buy a few books for my flight/stay in Hawaii *insert another girly squeal*! So I'll be buying books, which I haven't asked for in paper form from my grandparents, to read. I will review these books, along with all my other books from my birthday, and I will also post a simple review on my Kobo...and whatever else pops up for my birthday on Friday. *realizes* It's my birthday on Friday!?! I'd actually like some suggestions on books to buys, please and thank you, I have a few books I will buy, but It's a five hour flight so I might need more than one or two book to suffice, and with all this birthday money I got...I can buy a few books. Also, if you wish to contact my from...July 29th after 5pm (PST) to August 2nd you may tweet at me...or if you have my number text me. Also, I shall say, From the 3rd of August to about noon (PST) on the 15th of August I shall not be able to have my phone on to receive tweets or texts from anyone because of the Roaming Charges *hates roaming charges*. I will try to get on to blog, check in on everyone, and talk, but it may not happen often. So when I get back, be expecting Review upon Review, because when my birthday rolls around, I get nothing but books.
So enjoi!
Hugs and Kisses to all. Lots of Love From Me, Alia!
And Please Suggest Book Buys!

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