My name is Alia, and I am a Younger Canadian (CANADA For the Win, baby!) Leo in the midst of highschool. I love to read middle grade fantasy, YA, paranormal, mystery, romance, manga and some historical fiction. I'm also in love with music, movies, And TV shows with action, drama, adventure, fantasy, and singing. I play the oboe and flute, and other instruments, and do well in school. I'm proud of my Nerdom/Geekdom and will not change who I am. I also like dance, drama, drawing, painting and writing, what can I say I love my arts. I also like sports, I participate in my cities volleyball, basketball, racquetball, golf, track, and swimming. I also participate in my schools volleyball and basketball teams.

I started to blog because my parents were complaining about my amount of books, and my lack to do anything wtih them, besides reading them. So I told them I'd find something that I could do with them. So I first started to find fan forums to discuss with the books with other people, then I joined book clubs, then fanfiction, then fan art, before I finally found blogging. I started out with a livejournal account, but I found Blogger and here I am. These pictures are of all the books in my house, most of them belong to me, and most of the shelves are books in front of books. My parents told me if I couldn`t find something to do with all of them, that I lose some of them, and since that prospect scared me, I was on it. And Here I am today, with a blog, and many books to blog about. So Here You Find Me, Now Good Reading To You All!